Making life simpler and more enjoyable by gettting rid of tiresome lines
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QCrash was founded in late 2019 by two INSEAD classmates with the mission of saving the world from the inefficiency of queues & lines as they are nowadays.
Our unique and powerful set of algorithms ensure that people don't waste time and resources standing in frustrating lines. It also empowers businesses by getting them closer to their customers and granting them full visibility over their operations.
With 2 apps QCrash and QCrash Pro, the firm pioneers the development of queue management software in a wide range of industries: administration, retail, healthcare, tourism and corporations.
Life at QCrash

Indeed, work-life balance is a buzzword, but it is a priority at QCrash. We work hard, but we also know that our team needs time for family, friends and health. That’s why we keep reasonable and flexible schedules to fulfill our life outside work.

Same goes with team-building. We walk the extra mile to help our workforce become part of the team. While team-work is key to our success, we nurture an autonomous work-culture where our employees are entitled to achieve goals and grow.

And finally, the start-up spirit. We are convinced that small teams are the most agile, responsive and efficient structure in order to deliver a great service.

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QCrash company site
QCrash company site
New Delhi - NCR
QCrash company site
QCrash company site
QCrash company site
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Berlin, Germany
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Paris, France
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New Delhi - NCR, India
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Madrid, Spain