Frequently asked questions

What can I do with the app ?

QCrash allows you to join queues at various service points such as doctors, hospitals, shops, beauty salons, barbers etc. It helps you in two main ways: you can join the queue from wherever you are and you save waiting time by regularly being updated with the queue progress.

What is a queue?

A queue is a number of people waiting to be served at a service point. For example, there can be a queue at your private doctor or at your government office.

In QCrash we have 2 types of queues. The first one is where you don’t need to take an appointment, you go and wait for your turn to be served. We call this “Running Queue”. In this queue, your waiting period is dependent on how fast the queue is being serviced and if there are any cancellations. You join this queue on the service day, and not in advance.

The second type of queue is called “Slotted Queue” where you can book an appointment at a particular time. You can do advance booking for this type of queue, given the service provider permits that.

How does it work?

You search for a service provider (we call them “Vendor” in QCrash) at your location and it will show you all the vendors that are available in your area. By clicking on the vendor name, you can see all the queue(s) details for that vendor and you can join one of them.

A vendor will appear on QCrash only when that vendor has joined QCrash, so if your vendor is not showing up on QCrash, simply ask them to download QCrash Pro and it can save you (and others!) loads of waiting time.

Can I pay the Vendor services via the app?

No. The app allows you to book a spot on a queue. You will pay for the service at the vendor’s location.

How much does it cost?

Zero, QCrash is free for all its users who use this app to join the queues

What is the alarm for?

An alarm can be set when you join a queue. It will alert you when your turn is due. You can set an alarm based on time (e.g. set an alarm to alert you 15 minutes before your turn is due). You can also set the alarm based on number of persons before you (e.g. set an alarm to alert you when there are 3 persons ahead of you in the queue)

Can I contact a vendor?

Of course. You can always contact a vendor by clicking on the vendor info. There you will find the location and contact number of the vendor.

Can I contact you, Q Crash?

Of course. Drop us an email at or find us on Whatsapp at the +44 (0) 7872 460 627.